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Welcome to Rosalind Hills

At Rosalind Hills, we believe that every man, woman, and child that has professed faith in Jesus Christ is a beloved son or daughter of God, made citizens of the kingdom of Heaven and members of the Lord’s household, and given a mission, purpose, and calling. We are all learning to walk out the righteousness and holiness we have been given as free gifts of God. Some are further along in that walk than others, but none of us have fully arrived and will not do so until the Lord returns.


Rosalind Hills was born in 1954 when people from the Raleigh Court neighborhood were meeting at a home on Laburnum Avenue. Their vision was for people in the surrounding neighborhoods to have a place close to home to gather, worship, hear and respond to sound biblical teaching, and find sanctuary and purpose in the fellowship of other believers. That vision has not dimmed with the passage of time, and Rosalind Hill continues to be a strong presence in the same neighborhood and a life-giving resource to the community.


Rosalind Hills is a fellowship that welcomes new seekers and those who have been believers for many years. Though the congregation was founded as a Baptist church, all are welcome to come study the scriptures, worship in a service that blends both traditional and contemporary elements, and take part in open and joyful fellowship.


At Rosalind Hills we are members of one body, united with all believers in Christ. We are learning how to hear the voice of the indwelling Holy Spirit, putting feet to our faith as we walk out His leadership in our lives. Our goal is not just to go to Heaven, but to bring the culture and government of Heaven to earth and to be loving imagers of Christ in the world, drawing on His example. In a world that has been pulled apart by politics, pandemic, and fear, we reach out to unify, empower, and bring peace through our loving family and fellowship.

Church Team Leaders

Our Leaders

Pastor Douglas Lidwell
Unlike many others, Pastor Douglas was not raised in church.  He was a totally secular man with a degree in Communications and a background in broadcasting. 
Rosalind Hills Baptist Church